Senora Rose Trees Will Beautify the Exterior of your Business!

Senora Rose Tree

Senora Rose Trees

We are offering "Full-Service" Senora Rose Trees to our existing and future clients. Senora roses were initially bred to provide the best of both old and modern roses. They are highly fragrant and flower profusely.

Our rose tree product is created by grafting the rose to a suitable tree stalk increasing the visual display. We look after planting and maintaining the rose trees on your property and will replace them annually or earlier if and when required. This is a terrific opportunity to beautify the exterior of your business.

About Carla Frost

Carla Frost is a successful Edmonton business owner, ESL teacher and community volunteer.

Carla was a candidate for Ward 6 in Edmonton's 2013 municipal election running with the reputation of "hard work and honesty."

That reputation has been earned during 27 years of operation as a general contractor.

Carla's businesses include Senora Environmental and Camberlea Organics.

27 years of Quality Services and Safety

Landscape by Senora

Senora Environmental Services

Senora Environmental Services is rated for Quality Services and Safety by the city of Edmonton Community and Commercial Healthcare Properties

Senora Environmental Services provide the following commercial and residential services: Spring and Fall Cleanups, Basic Construction, Environmental Services

Camberlea Organics

Camberlea Organics produces approximately 1,000 tons of organic grains annually in Saskatchewan with exports sold to India.

Camberlea is a leader in the natural movement switching to organic farming in 1998. This farm has been in operation since 1900.
more info http://www.exportersindia.com/camberlea/

Simply Smarter
Our Newest Treatment for Healthy Trees

Simply Smarter is an easy to use natural tree essence.

Protect and enhance the health and appearance of your outdoor trees and Natural landscape.

Simply Smarter can be used to provide First Aid for trees by naturaly treating infection and disease.