Trees for the Future Starts Today

Protect and Enhance Natural Landscape and Health

Keep Your Property Clear and Clean of Black Knot

*Tree Emergency Services Available

Removal of Black Knot. This is an Environmental (Virus, which contains Bacteria) inside the Black Tree Knot.

Senora Landscaping also offers Litter Services. Quotes available.

Why Have a Specialized Tree Service and Tree Cleaning?

  • Enhance Trees Health, Appearance, and Root System
  • Remove dead branches, mold, old foliage, rot and debris.
  • Stimulate Tree Growth, Circulation, and Overall Eco-System.
  • Breathe In The Fresh Health and The Natural Tree Essence

We have Natural Tree Essences to choose from for tree washes

  • We use Only *Safe, *Natural, *No Chemicals Tree Wash
  • Approved Simple Clean and Fresh Natural Essence
  • We Always Keep Safe Clean Work Sites

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We support Safety For Children and Safe Communities 2023.

All tanks and hoses are 100% Food Grade recycled plastic.

Thank You for Cleaning Me. 

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